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Once upon a time, you loved numbers. This isn’t the first line of a fairy tale. Once upon a time, you really did love numbers. Remember?

Maybe you were 3 years old and your grandparents were visiting. You sat next to them on the couch and recited the numbers from 1 to 10. Grandma and Grandpa were proud of you and — be honest — you were proud of yourself, too. Or maybe you were 5 and discovering how to write numbers, trying hard not to print your 6 and 7 backward.

Learning was fun. Numbers were fun. So what happened? Maybe the trouble started with long division. Or sorting out how to change fractions to decimals. Could it have been figuring out how to add 8 percent sales tax to the cost of a purchase? Reading a graph? Converting miles to kilometers? Trying to find that most dreaded value of x? Wherever it started, you began to suspect that math didn’t like you — and you didn’t like math very much, either.

Why do people often enter preschool excited about learning how to count and leave high school as young adults convinced that they can’t do math? The answer to this question would probably take 20 books this size, but solving the problem can begin right here.

I humbly ask you to put aside any doubts. Remember, just for a moment, an innocent time — a time before math-inspired panic attacks or, at best, induced irresistible drowsiness. In this book, I take you from an understanding of the basics to the place where you’re ready to enter any algebra class and succeed.

Somewhere along the road from counting to algebra, most people experience the Great Math Breakdown. This feels something like when your car begins smoking and sputtering on a 110 ° F highway somewhere between Noplace and Not Much Else.

Please consider this book your personal roadside helper, and think of me as your friendly math mechanic (only much cheaper!). Stranded on the interstate, you may feel frustrated by circumstances and betrayed by your vehicle, but for the guy holding the toolbox, it’s all in a day’s work. The tools for fixing the problem are in this book.

Not only does this book help you with the basics of math, but it also helps you get past any aversion you may feel toward math in general. I’ve broken down the concepts into easy-to-understand sections. And because Basic Math & Pre-Algebra For Dummies is a reference book, you don’t have to read the chapters or sections in order — you can look over only what you need. So feel free to jump around. Whenever I cover a topic that requires information from earlier in the book, I refer you to that section or chapter, in case you want to refresh yourself on the basics.

Here are two pieces of advice I give all the time — remember them as you work your way through the concepts in this book:

  • Take frequent break(經常休息)
    • Every 20 to 30 minutes, stand up and push in your chair. Then feed the cat, do the dishes, take a walk, juggle tennis balls, try on last year’s Halloween costume — do something to distract yourself for a few minutes. You’ll come back to your books more productive than if you just sat there hour after hour with your eyes glazing over. 每20到30分鐘,站起來並且將你的椅子推進去。餵貓、洗碗、散步、玩弄網球、試穿去年的萬聖節服裝—做任何能夠分散注意力的事。在你的眼睛休息後,你回到你的書時,比起你坐在那裏一個小時又一個小時,將會更有成效。
  • After you’ve read through an example and think you understand it, copy the problem, close the book, and try to work it through(在你閱讀一個例題並且覺得自己已經理解的時候,複製問題、關上書,試著自己去做做看)
    • If you get stuck, steal a quick look — but later, try that same example again to see whether you can get through it without opening the book. (Remember that, on any tests you’re preparing for, peeking is probably not allowed!)如果你卡住,偷偷看一下。但之後在沒有看書的狀況下,再重新寫一次例題。(記住,你所準備的任何考試,偷看是不被允許的)


本書分為六個部分: #BloggerAds #閱讀 #推薦 #心得 #分享

Part 1 Getting Started with Basic Math and Pre-Algebra

Part 2 Getting a Handle on Whole Numbers

Part 3 Parts of the Whole: Fractions, Decimals, and Percents

Part 4 Picturing and Measuring — Graphs, Measures, Stats, and Sets

Part 5 The X-Files: Introduction to Algebra

Part 6 The Part of Tens





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