[10 Steps To Earning Awesome Grades (十步驟取得極好的成績)] 介紹

(Study Time Equation)讀書時間公式:

What are the factors that actually go into earning awesome grades?

In my mind, the best way to look at this is to envision the final goal not as the tangible reward – the grade – but rather as the state of being you want to achieve.

The grade is simply a result you can use to quantify your desired preparedness. Once you’ve set that goal, there are four factors that will go into achieving it.

  • Class Time (上課時間)
  • Learning Quality (學習質量)
  • Study Time (讀書時間)
  • Study Efficiency (讀書效率)

Class Time * Learning Quality + Study Time * Study Efficiency = Preparedness

Study Time = ( Preparedness – Class Time * Learning Quality ) / Study Efficiency

Assuming you’re committed to attending all your classes, Class Time is fixed. It’s a constant. If you’ve already set a goal for Desired Preparedness, that’s fixed for now as well.

This means you’ve got two variables to work with: Learning Quality and Study Efficiency.

本書提供十個步驟 ,每個都包含不同領域

第一步:Paying Better Attention in Class (在課堂中更專注)

    • 求助於教授:


第二步:Take More Effective Notes (做更有效率的筆記)


Getting More Out of Your Textbooks (從教科書中獲取更多)

Planning Efficiently (有效率的規劃)

Building Your Optimal Study Environment (建立你的專屬讀書環境)

Staying Organized (保持組織)

Defeating Procrastination (打敗拖延)

Studying Smarter (更聰明的讀書)

Writing Better Papers (寫更好的報告)

Making Group Projects Suck Less (讓分組報告不再糟透)


“Ideas are just a multiplier of execution.” —– Derek Sivers,CD Baby founder

Multiply anything by zero and you get… zero. You’ll be a lot better off if you just read one step of this book and put it into action than if you read the whole thing and proceed to do jack.


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